Purpose of the Trust:

The purpose of the Trust is to maintain and ensure rapid improvement of Church schools which need support now (and in the future) and to act as a vehicle for enabling the sharing of best practice and economies of scale to be achieved across the group of academies.

The Trust will act as the lead sponsor for any Church school within the Diocese of Rochester who wishes to   become an academy or for Church schools which are being directed to become sponsored academies by the Department of Education.

The behaviours we expect to see:

  • We encourage strong and capable leaders
  • We enable our people to excel to provide outstanding education
  • We build trust and respect across our academies

As a Trust, the way we wish to grow is to develop:

  • Long term relationships in which there is an opportunity for continuous improvement

The principles by which we will manage the organisation:

  • Openness to build trust, be transparent, sharpen accountability and drive improvement
  • We will operate a simple efficient low cost organisation
  • We operate an effective & strong governance framework
  • Tight control of our resources to achieve economies, efficiencies and effectiveness across our operations

Find out more about the Trust by reading a summary of our  Corporate Business Plan.