Our Vision Mission and Values

Our Vision is for:

Educational excellence with a strong Christian ethos where every pupil is able to realise their full potential and is prepared for life.

Our Mission is:

To support and encourage the work of academies in our Trust promoting Christian distinctiveness through excellent education of children and young people.

Our Values:

  • To develop a strong culture of professional development amongst our teaching staff as the quality of  education in our academies can never exceed the quality of its teachers
  • To ensure that our academies are centres of excellence with a focus on the nurture and achievement of all their members
  • To promote mutual support, encouragement and benefit between all our academies
  • To develop future and aspirational thinking based on our educational heritage and to make use of the  latest  research in pedagogy and child development
  • To foster, maintain and celebrate Christian distinctiveness in our schools
  • To recognise and enable those who often remain invisible, through ethnic or cultural disadvantage, or through disability or poverty
  • To ensure our academies have a particular vocation to the least advantaged to enable them through education to change their lives